Customised Chocolates

There is no better way to celebrate a milestone, congratulate your employees, or show your appreciation to loyal clients than with one of our custom chocolate creations. Colours, content, budget, labelling - its all flexible.

We have worked with many client's over the years developing gifts and rewards unique to them. As an artisan manufacturer smaller runs and individualising our chocolate creations is what we are all about. Our new bonbon range are ideal to provide you with a fully customised gift.

We can assist and work with your creative team to develop packaging or provide you with a range of standard options depending on your requirements.

If you have a number of our regular gifts to send and just need some assistance then simply select your gifts, provide us your addresses, gift messages and we can do the rest - couldn't be easier! If you cannot see what you require on our web site then please give us a call and we would love to help work out some options for you.

If you would like to know more then please contact us